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Hello, my name is Marcus Mars and I will combine both my website and my blog “Day in the Life of an Interior Designer” to share my passion for interior and architectural design as well as kitchen design and home remodeling. Within my website you will have an insight to my personality while reading about my clients and our working relationship as well as viewing some of my past projects. As with my interior design decor, I want to make this space unique and unlike most other interior designer’s websites that only contain pictures on a white background and without much commentary.

I will admit that my first inspiration comes from my client and the vision that they have for their home. I believe to be a good interior designer you must share the design process with your client and show them how all of the decor and architectural elements will be unified while relying on the clients guidance - after all its their home to showcase their personality and suit their families needs. I tell my clients that if we're not having fun during the process then something is wrong, I love being an Interior designer and being able to create a unique home beyond my clients expectations.

Please see my gallery of “Interior Design and Kitchen Remodeling” to view some of my past projects.

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“Interior Design and Kitchen Remodeling”

Mediterranean - Mizner Style Windmill Ranch Estates, Weston

Colonial - Bahamas Interior Design Mizner Country Club, Boca Raton

Transitional - Costal Style Interior Fort Lauderdale Beach

Eclectic - Mediterranean Decor Parkland Country Club Parkland

Mexican Beach House Decor Fort Lauderdale Beach

Coastal Vacation Home Decor Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo

Gallery of Kitchen Remodeling From Old World / Traditional to Contemporary Kitchens

Mediterranean - Moroccan Style Parkland Golf and Country Club

Presentation Boards and Decorative Arts / Murals


The Great Gatsby

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My blog “Day in the Life of an Interior Designer” is an ever evolving space. I will share everything from current interior design and kitchen remodeling projects, this will allow me to show you the design process and how I work with my clients. I will also show you where I find my interior design inspirations and how I incorporate them into my interior decor.

Currently my blog is divided into four sections -

“Coastal Beachfront” - My clients beachfront vacation home that they just purchased and we will be creating a coastal beach decor

“TuscanStyle” - My clients Intercoastal property that we will be working with both the architectural plans and full interior design.

“Design Inspirations” - Where I search multi-media, design resources, and other interior designers projects.

“Movie Set Design” - A whole new way to look at the movies