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I am Marcus Mars and first of all, I want to thank my SEO and BOTS that you were able to find me and my Website / Blog / and any other multi-media platform that I may explore and share.

Within this website I will attempt to convey both my personality and the bond that I have with my clients, I also want to share the creative design process from its inspiration to it’s completion.

Below you will find below my “Interior Design and Kitchen Remodeling” gallery of past client’s interior decors including kitchen and home remodeling projects.

I have been invited on HGTV three times to appear in their “Designer’s Challenge” of the moment - I have declined thus far since it would be very inconvenient to my schedule and Second, I could not be inspired with out having a client - I need to know and bond with my client in order to create their space - not “My Space” and not “HGTV Space”. Please feel free to browse each gallery and view not only my pictures but also some insight to both my clients and my design process.

With in my Blog “Day in the Life of an Interior Designer” I plan to explore multi-media platforms and share with you where I get some of my inspirations such as Hollywood movie sets, multi-media and some of my favorite interior designers.

My blog postings will also show on going interior design and kitchen / home remodeling projects, Currently I have two client’s - One client I will be designing a “Tuscan Style” vacation home from architectural design through interior design and another client who just bought a Fort Lauderdale Beach vacation home where I will be creating a beach front Costal Decor.

This way I can show you what my design process is and how I relate it to my clients. Then finally, my favorite part of my job, it’s what I call the “HGTV Reveal” when the client gets to see the final interior decor - complete from design, construction, finishes, furnishings, and including accessories and artwork.

Please feel free to reach out to me on the “Connect” button and leave me your information so that I can notify you of up coming Blogs.

(Please note that the Blog Page “Day in the Life of an Interior Designer” in under a Marcus Mars Remodel)

Thanks for your interest, Marcus Mars 754-234-4789

“Interior Design and Kitchen Remodeling”

Mediterranean - Mizner Style Windmill Ranch Estates, Weston 33331

Colonial - Bahamas Interior Design Mizner Country Club, Boca Raton 33296

Transitional - Costal Style Interior Fort Lauderdale Beach, 33301

Eclectic - Mediterranean Decor Parkland Country Club Parkland 33076

Mexican Beach House Decor Fort Lauderdale Beach 33301

Coastal Vacation Home Decor Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo 33040

Gallery of Kitchen Remodeling From Old World / Traditional to Contemporary Kitchens

Mediterranean - Moroccan Style Parkland Golf and Country Club, 33076

Presentation Boards and Decorative Arts / Murals

Below are the current projects that we are designing and working on with the aid of our clients

Also please look on our Blog Page to access the “Day in the Life of an Interior Designer” on each project

Tuscan - Mediterranean Style Fort Lauderdale 33301

Costal Beach Front Vacation Home Fort Lauderdale Beach 33301