“Mexican Beach House Decor”

near Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas, 33301

My interior design inspiration was to capture the essence of a “Mexican Beach Cottage” situated near Fort Lauderdale beach, Las Olas Boulevard, 33301. 

As with most most of my decors I prefer to include eclectic design elements including everything from a large ceramic and wrought iron Mexican sun face that is flanked with matching candle holders to an Indonesian flying Garuda and you may even find a black 

Italian venetian mirror. 

I love working with clients who have collections of items and artwork and organizing them in a manor that they compliment one another to create a truly eclectic interior design that showcases their families personality - 

Once again, as I often write about in my website and blogs, I believe that my number one responsibility to to my client is to incorporate their personality and families needs, not my own. I believe that a good Interior Designer is like a Therapist - We are hired to create your home /environment and if the designer does this with you in mind I can only hope that this will bring you peace and tranquility while feeding your ego every time you come home or better yet when you entertain your friends and family.

Mexican Beach House Style Living Room -