“Mediterranean - Moroccan Design Style”
in Parkland Golf and Country Club, Parkland, 33076 

Eclectic - Mediterranean design style for a collector of objet d’art -

This Client is a well traveled collector that I built a cohesive collection of items and built what I think of as what I call “Eclectic - Mediterranean” style.

For me, when I Google “Eclectic Interiors Images” I see a page of pictures showing white rooms that are full of mis-matched old items -This eclectic trend seems to take us from “Shabby Chic” to “Flea-Market Finds”

Eclectic design is not so much a collection of items but a collection of styles and genres.

To keep this eclectic look under control I needed to create a balance -

As you can see there are a lot of items in this room from many different styles and if I placed them in a white room it would just look like a mass of clutter - but instead I designed a backdrop of a Tropme L’oeil paneled walls using some Mediterranean colors.

I use the faux painted panel frames to contain the collections - such as over the desk there a four matching artworks with black frames that surround a gold and black mirror - now visually this appears as one architectural element in the room - with the addition of the matching traditional chairs with my favorite tropical parrot fabric - the matching parrot lamps on the desk have black shades and all create balance and tie together.

An eclectic space, its’s all about creating a look of controlled chaos -

Another way to maintain this is with a deliberate color palette that will unite the mix of styles and genres.

For example, in this room I started with the rustic terra-cotta tile floors that bring in the relaxed Mediterranean feeling - next I bring that rusty clay color up into the faux paneled walls and even in the stencil work on the ceiling, this marries the walls, ceiling and flooring together.

If you look closely you can see this color in almost every item and texture -

Starting with the rug and sofa to the artwork and plates on the wall and its a prominent color in my beloved parrot fabric on the traditional chairs.

The terra-cotta is then paired with its complimentary color sage green as seen on walls, fabrics and accessories, and finally the architecture being the arched walkway, trim detail on ceiling and door frames are an accent of cobalt blue.

Kitchen remodel inspired by MacKenzie-Childs ceramics -

In keeping with the “Eclectic - Mediterranean” design theme I mixed it up with Muti-Color tile patterns, old world faux finish walls, coral painted tin ceiling all on a backdrop of white shaker kitchen cabinets -

For me a kitchen remodel goes beyond cabinets, counter top and backsplash - It needs personality including accessories like the hanging copper pots and ceramic rooster that evokes the warm Mediterranean feeling in an Eclectic space.

Home remodeling gives you complete control -

This room was completely remodeled and built from ground up where as I added three sets of glass doors that look out unto the gardens. The back wall is designed around the TV and badly needed storage is supplied behind the custom made solid wood doors aged with hundreds of worm holes and antiquing.

Keeping the color scheme through out this “Eclectic - Mediterranean” Style

The “Old World” faux finish walls consist of 14 colors and layers of paint and glazes - the same terra-cotta and green from the living room with the addition of the ochre.

The ceiling has a painted diamond motif using the terra-cotta with a rich aqua blue, framed out with distressed pecky cypress beams and surrounded with a coral rock crown molding and matching baseboard.

The accessories range from Chinese foo dogs to Moroccan lanterns - Indian elephants to English antique tea service -

Creating a color scheme will help create cohesion in a space when there are a lot of different styles of furniture, patterns, and accessories.