“Mediterranean - Mizner Style”
in Windmill Ranches Estates, Weston, 33331

This "Mediterranean - Mizner Style" home was designed for Hanley Ramirez of the Miami Marlins located in Windmill Ranch Estates, Weston, Florida.

Mr. Hanley Ramirez wanted an interior designer who understood the Mediterranean elements as well as the Misner style.

Interior design of a Mediterranean - Mizner style Dining Room -

When designing a dining room my philosophy is that each surface needs an architectural or decorative feature - Surfaces don’t just mean the walls but, take into consideration the floors and ceilings and look at them as bonus spaces.

If “The ceiling is the fifth wall” then the floor is the sixth -

In order to architecturally define the dining room and add warmth to the room, I used a dark oak wood floor - Placed in the center of the room is an inlay of natural stone flooring designed with a scalloped edge.

I love how the dark oak dining table contrasts with the stone inlay and the furniture matches the wood flooring

My “Mediterranean - Mizner” design inspiration began when I found this classic old world mosaic medallion made from small semi-precious stones, I then centered it in the trompe l’oeil arch.


In keeping with the "Mediterranean - Mizner" style I used crushed blue velvet for the drapery that hung on acanthus leaf brackets matching the antique gold acanthus leaf chandelier. 

To relate to the flooring, I designed a scalloped tray ceiling with hand laid gold leaf squares and at the scallops there is a raised plaster relief.

The fourth wall’s feature is large squares of beveled mirror set into an arched niche with two matching acanthus leaf sconces.

I love how the large glass bevels sparkle in the room.