“Tuscan - Old World - Mediterranean” Interior and Architectural Design 

This is a custom vacation home to be built on the Fort Lauderdale intracoastal waterway -

It is so often that I have clients who tell me about something they saw while on vacation or at a hotel and usually its a tile, carpet or furniture - Well this client was visiting the Tuscan country side and told he had shipped an Italian hand painted tile artwork to me and wanted me to design a Tuscan style home to go with it - WOW, I love a good challenge but this had to be the best!   
When ever I begin with a new client I conduct an interview where we discuss their "Wish List" and part of this process is that I ask the client to compile pictures of items that interest them. This client understood the importance of bringing in his interior designer at the very beginning of the architectural design process. Myself with the client and architect we went through hes entire "Wish List" starting with the over all architectural elements for his custom home - firstly he wanted natural stone exterior walls with solid wood doors and shutters with exposed exterior wood beams that I will under-light to eliminate the rough stone walls - the windows are aluminum but with a faux wood grain and texture - the entrance was balanced with side windows and columns with a wood pergola to be covered with Bougainvillea to create a Tuscan / Spanish courtyard similar to a picture he had gave me. The interior design featured a centered living room with open beam ceilings and a grand chandelier leading into a grand open family / kitchen area with tall vaulted / beam ceilings that lite up with LED lighting. 

Old World Tuscan Style Kitchen / Family Room Elevation

Floor plan for Tuscan Style Kitchen and Family Room 

As I Stated above about the "Balinese Contemporary" home where I said that I like to bring the indoors out - Well, the same can go with the bringing the outdoors in -
With this Tuscan style architecture and its natural stone exterior walls I brought the element indoors and used it as an interior design element, not only as stone columns that I designed to partially hide the curtain draw-backs but also incorporated it above the carved stone hood over the cook top and on the fireplace with its matching carved stone surround. 
Anyone who follows my interior design aesthetic knows my love of the Baroque and shell images, so when I found these stone corbels with a carved shell I knew it was the perfect accent for this room and I am thinking of having just the shell silver-leafed to give it a more eclectic feeling. 
Also please notice the soffit that is built on top the kitchen cabinets and wraps around the entire room and rests on the stone columns with their shell corbels -
This also is designed to be a drapery valance with down lighting to light up the sparking blue-silver sheers and up lighting to light the beams with the tongue and grove ceiling - Remember, as interior designers like to quote "The ceiling is the fifth wall".

Another item on my clients wish list was a barn door so within my interior design plan I added it to the entrance of his office while this will also make for a very rustic design element in the living room to enhance our Tuscan Style.
I find that as the interior design process progresses so does my clients wish list, this clients added a wine storage room - No problem, we will convert the walk-in closet to a refrigerated wine storage and add a wet bar into the office cabinetry as well as center desk the you can hydraulically raise to bar height.
The office will have rustic pine wainscoting and built-in cabinetry with a matching coffered ceiling.
We will be repeating the natural stone element around the window and at the wet bar and the walls above the pine paneling with have a Tuscan country side mural - So that when my clients and their guest taste his wine collection they can do so while over looking the country side of Tuscany.

This is why I love doing residential interior design to create a warm and inviting home for my clients to feel surrounded with the objects that they love and to show off their personality - Its kind of my way to feed my clients ego and make them feel good.
Also I think that this Traditional, Old World, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Spanish style (Call it what you will) has so many warm elements from the floor and wall treatments, moldings and beams, chandeliers and sconces, rich fabrics and furnishings as well as the artwork and accessories you just cant help but to feel at home.   

I am looking forward to overseeing this custom home from the architectural plans to designing, engineering and the installation all of the interior design elements. 

Please feel free to check back as this project continues to grow during the building process and we add to this showcase of Old World - Tuscan Style custom home on the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal waterway.