“Kitchen and Home Remodeling Services”

Kitchen Show Room verse Interior Designer with Home Remodeling services -

Since the kitchen has truly become the “Heart of the Home” we are now incorporating what were three areas being the living room, family room and the kitchen all into one for both family activities and entertaining so it’s important that your new kitchen reflects both you’re your homes existing decor and architecture.

When you finally decide to start on your kitchen remodel I would like for you to take into consideration the difference between a salesperson at a kitchen showroom and myself an Interior Designer who specializes in kitchen remodeling as well as all of your home remodeling needs.

Salesperson at showroom -

1.       The salesperson only works for that one kitchen showroom therefore can only offer the products they sell.  

2.      The sales person’s main concern is to sell you their cabinets - maybe they have some back splashes or counter-tops options or they will send you to their supplier.

3.      They are not interested or trained to service you in your appliance needs, multitude of counter-top and back-splash options, lighting, flooring, wall colors, ceiling options and coordinating all of this with your homes existing decor nor do they have the patience or time to review such items or have the trade’s people to accomplish all of this.

My being an Interior Designer who loves all of the aspects of kitchen design and a full understanding of the different kitchen design styles including “Traditional to Transitional” or “Old World to French Country” or “Eclectic to Contemporary”
Starting with an interview where we will discuss your vision as well as your family’s needs, I will take you step by step through the remodeling of your kitchen. I will show you all of your options since I have access to many different cabinet manufactures including both production cabinets and custom made kitchens. I will shop your counter-top and back-splash materials and match this with your flooring and wall colors as well as any furniture and window treatments and I will coordinate all of the work with my family of craftsmen and contractors who will insure the highest standards thus making sure that your new kitchen remodel with be in balance with both the architecture and existing decor of the rest of your home while meeting all of your needs and full exceeding your expectations.

Please feel free to browse our kitchen remodeling projects and familiarize yourself with the different styles and elements concerning kitchen design. 

Old World Traditional Kitchen

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