Eclectic Moroccan Style
in Parkland 

This living room design has many different interior design  and  decor elements influenced from the Moroccan style with a traditional  flair. Morocco has a rich cultural heritage with many different influences. It is a style that is exotic, elegant and mysterious. Morocco’s early influences come from the Islamic and Berber eras and in more recent history from it’s French and Spanish occupiers. This fusion of different cultures has lead to a style based upon dramatic contrasts. With cool tiled floors layered with soft rugs, fresh white walls draped with luxurious fabrics and metallic lanterns emitting soft, warm light. This is often complimented with beautifully carved wood, plush, inviting seating areas and bold, geometric patterns. Colours found in Moroccan interiors are often bright and warm, reflecting the climate and landscape in which they are found. Vibrant tangerine, sunshine yellow, exotic fuchsia, deep red, rich purple and brilliant turquoise. Alongside a cooler palette of brilliant white, cool metallics and dark wood.