Eclectic Mediterranean
in Fort Lauderdale 

Mediterranean home design style might be the ultimate melting pot. It travels between Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and the other countries on the fringe of the Mediterranean Sea, picking up the unique influences of each as it goes. Emphatic and evocative, this look bears hints of Moorish grace, Spanish flamboyance, French elegance, and more.Mediterranean design is the epitome of indoor-outdoor living that blends interior and exterior spaces creating what Tuscans call casa aperta or open house. This connection to nature is characterized by rustic textures and earth tone color schemes of marigold type yellows, sage green, merlot red, soil browns and ochre. Natural materials are used in every inch of these traditional homes from wrought iron gates to terracotta tiled floors to Venetian plaster walls. These details are but just a few that define this architectural and design style that originated in what is known as the Mediterranean including the Tuscany region of Italy and Greek olive growing regions.    

Eclectic Mediterranean in Fort lauderdale