"Balinese Contemporary" 

This is a beautiful contemporary vacation home off Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale

To the right you can see the first and second floor plan - Please click to enlarge 

I pride myself on listening to my clients - Whether we are discussing some interior design elements for their home or when they talk about their life style and family activities. These particular clients told me that they have always had a vacation home in Fort Lauderdale and have always loved boating to such a degree that they have two boats and one has five sleeping quarters.
While my clients were waiting for their closing to be completed on their new home they chose to do some traveling and sent me a link about their destination to a reclusive island off of the coast of Malaysia. A few days later I received an email telling me about their first purchase for their new home with an attached picture of a laying Buddha in a create as seen below.

This client is an avid art collector, our first time at the new house included a meeting with a local art gallery who placed some pieces throughout the house (this is a great service for you to see the artwork in your home) as his interior designer we discussed some images such as an angels and Picasso like artwork as well as knowing his attraction to Buddha.
One of the pieces that I feel in love with was a Buddha head made of solid glass in opalescence Red and I will design a stand to allow a bright LED light to shine through the Buddha head.
Now with the acquisition of two Buddha sculptures and a pool area that we had landscaped with lots of Birds of Paradise, Fish-tail palms and of course Bamboo I think we have the making of a very Zen like garden.

Clients created Buddha ready for delivery -

When my client asked me my opinion on the artwork that he had chose, I noticed that they all shared a commonality being either a Picasso inspired portrait of a woman’s face or of a female figure such as that of an Angel.

Within the interior design concept for a contemporary style home it is great when you can marry the design elements with the architecture. The wall at the end of the pool is the perfect example to achieve two goals -
   1. We convert that wall into a large scale piece of artwork inspired by my clients love for the human face and his interest in                    Buddha for his Zen like garden.
   2. Now being a piece of artwork it allows just to bring elements that we normally associate with interior design to exterior                      design and literally brings the feeling of the indoors to the outdoors.  

Knowing this I proposed this image of a large Buddha head that is printed in Italy on a silver metal substrate that is then covered with the artist special resin including embedded crystals. I will also be installing a stone top with an overhang that will have LED lights to illuminate the artwork.
This Buddha wall panel printed on silver metal with embedded crystals when light up at night will be one of many focal features for this Zen garden.

I saw another opportunity to convert architecture into art being the 18’x 8’ wall at the staircase landing. For this space I designed a glass tile mosaic of the image from Picasso’s “Nude Woman in a Red Chair”

This glass mosaic mural will showcase the entire wall including a frame made of small black glass tiles floating off the wall with LED lights built-in behind the frame and illuminating the sparkling glass tiles.

I am so thankful for my client’s enthusiasm and trust in me to engineer all of the different components and contractors that it will take to execute this complicated art installation. 


Below are some interior design presentations for other areas of the home -


Renderings of Bedrooms and Bar area - click to enlarge