Interior Design Inspired by "Auntie Mame"

Auntie Mame the movie (1958) has to be one of one of the most quintessential movies representing interior design, Talk about the ultimate high-end client - Mame changes her decor to match her mood and her outfits to match her decor.   

Its been my philosophy in interior design is that the areas of ones home where you can introduce some visual drama is the dining room, guest bathroom and foyer - Well Mame's foyer certainly has all of that. Nora the nephew's caretaker remarks that the foyer resembles "The ladies room at the Oriental theater".
When they ring the doorbell, steam shoots out the dragon's nostrils and the eyes move - now that's a dramatic entrance.  

As an Interior Designer it's fun to watch the revolving design elements in the living room.
The three main areas to watch is the ever changing fireplace wall with its flanking windows and treatments, the staircase and its banister railing and the entrance.   

This must be Auntie Mame's serious brown phase where she has decided to wright her memoirs -
Please note the bookcase and that all of her books are covered in coordinating covers, come to notice Mame is covered in a coordinating color as well. 

This is a very unique and divers interior design concept from 1958 that seems to have some contemporary elements including floor to ceiling beads that when pulled upon, to Mame's delight the sofa-bench rises to extraordinary heights therefore jilting her not so welcomed prospective new in-laws. The unexpected item that I can ignore is that not the fireplace has been converted to a glossy white Kachelofen which is an antique from of room heater from Germany and found in old castles.

The bedroom Auntie Mame offers to her nephew Patrick is called "The Marie Antoinette Room" Please click image to see my vignette titled "Marie Antoinette goes to Key West" on my Murals - Faux Finishes page.

Mame's bedroom offers up such extravagances as a round bed, fur chaise, ornate white marble fireplace with a roaring fire all sitting on pink carpeting.