Interior Design Inspirations from "Vizcaya" part 1


Taking a break from movie set design - Being an interior designer and looking for interior design inspirations, I often take a look at the many historical homes both near and far. As anyone who has read my “About” page on my website knows my early exposure and love for the James Deering Estate known as “Vizcaya” I truly believe that this and growing up in south Florida being surrounded by Addison Mizner’s  Mediterranean / Spanish revival architecture influences my favorite design aesthetic.
Both in architecture and interior design I am attracted to the all of the elements found in Old World, Tuscan, Mediterranean, and Spanish design with a touch of Moroccan and being in South Florida the image of the shell found in the Baroque style can be a very appropriate addition to a tropical decor.    
Deering began construction on Vizcaya in 1913, the main house had its grand opening on Christmas Day 1916 and gardens were completed in 1922. Deering died a bachelor in 1925 leaving Vizcaya to his half brother Charles and the following year the estate endured one of Miami’s greatest hurricanes. In 1952 Vizcaya was donated to Dade County and the following year was open to the public.

I think that one item that combines the interior design elements with the exterior architecture is the use of fabric, be it awnings or side panels. Pictured here is the east Loggia at Vizcaya and I love how the archway is treated just as if it was an interior window, featuring a swag valance with side panels and notice how the trim detail coordinates with the interior design and then changes with the exterior design.       


I think the use of this fountain wall to block the interior view would be a great idea for a privacy wall such as a living room window looking out to the street - would make an elegant architectural feature and would give the feeling of a Spanish Courtyard.  

Please look at the architectural treatment over the arches - WOW, I have never seen the combination of stone and rod iron used in such an integrated manor.
This architectural design inspiration will go in my file for a very special client.   

I found so much design inspiration from the Vizcaya Estate I need to break it up into two blogs exterior architecture and interior design - So please look for my next blog on "Interior Design Inspirations from Vizcaya" part 2 - as well as interior design blogs about other Florida estates such as the Ringling and Flagler museums.