Interior design inspired by "The Great Gatsby"


F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel tells of love and ambition along the Gold Coast of Long Island, New York. The novel was originally published in 1925 and was set during the Art Deco era. 
The Art Deco period started in France after an exhibition on the modern machine age and showcased geometric, angular and streamlined motifs like zigzags and chevrons.
It is no wonder why Catherine Martin, wife of director Baz Luhrmann won two Academy Awards for the movie The Great Gatsby.
Ms. Martin's set designs shows us the most grand and elegant forums of the Art Deco period as opposed to the Deco hotels on Miami Beach that I grew up with and are more kitschy in nature with a tropical flare.       


Consistent with turn-of-the-century mansions, the Grand Ballroom features a gold-filigreed ceiling hung with ornate crystal chandeliers, a marquetry floor with Gatsby's monogram inlaid, towering columns between windows, and a beautiful serpentine staircase.   


Gatsby's bedroom is just as grand being two stories with its spiral staircase leading up to built-in clothing storage. The room is filled with richly polished hardwoods, a harlequin-pattern wall covering of silk crisscrossed with ribbons of wood, and a gray Art Deco style rug designed by Martin.

It is understood how the Deco style started in the 20's with inspirations of the modern machine age and stayed with us through the building of the Miami Beach hotels during the 50's.