Beach Cottage Style
on Delray Beach 

The secret of beach house design is to use colors, patterns, or textures that blend the interior of the house with the amazing outdoor landscape. There are many features that need to be ‘brought’ inside: the indispensable brightness of the sun; the rough texture of sand; and the amazing blueness of the ocean.

This turn-key vacation home belongs to one of my favorite clients who we spent three years remodeling her entire home room by room.

The two main believes that I live by is Karma and the powers of the Universe so when my client came to me after we finished remodeling her home and said to me "I just wish that we had another project to work" on my response was "Be Careful what you ask for"
Three weeks later her plumbing failed at her beach condo and all was flooded.

To see the before and after please go to "ROOMS"


Upon our complete home remodel and this being a turn-key vacation home on Delray Beach we decided to go with an elegant Beach Cottage decor. 

From my years of being an interior designer at Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo Fla. 
One of my favorite home decors is the Beach Cottage style.


When I started the kitchen design we discussed that the old table and four chairs was not adequate for the client's extended family including when her grandchildren would visit.

Within the kitchen remodel I was able to incorporate a peninsula that seats eight and I extended the kitchen out to allow for the refrigerator to be completely built in.  


The kitchen cabinets are a white Shaker and the backsplash is a white subway tile with green / blue glass accent tiles with a rope border.
The header over the upper cabinets has a detail in the same coral color as the bedroom with a white crown molding surrounding a beadboard ceiling painted in a rich aqua blue.


The kitchen design also includes a framed beadboard detail with a nautical sconce at the end of the peninsula.  


One of my favorite elements in this kitchen remodel is the counter tops with the look of embedded beach glass and shells. 


While doing any home remodeling keep in mind what you decide to use for your flooring will make a large impact on your home's decor.
Today's choices in tile the looks like wood is amazing. 
I love the dark and light golden colors in this tile and notice that the planks come in two different widths giving it a rustic driftwood look without being too gray. 


It's all in the details - 

Being an artist I am not afraid to custom paint anything to suit the decor style from furniture, lighting fixtures and accessories like this whimsical clock.